“Great voice it’s like Bonnie Tyler, Dusty Springfield, and Kim Carnes. All rolled into a powerful fist punch of pop accessibility, a great combination indeed! “
– ~ So Called Underground

“Jillian Kohr music Rocks! Love it, Love her! Country Music World, WATCH OUT!!!!;)!!!! “
– ~ CassANova

“Wow!! There’s not much more I can say except to say I predict you will be one of Country Music’s Next Biggest New Stars. “
– ~ GenXer Beats

“What an incredible talent!!! Jillian’s vocal is so Incredible, in terms of range, passion, soul and quality, This artist has the potential to take the music scene by storm!!! “
– ~ Rick Frost

“One of the Best Covers of Love Hurts I Have Ever Heard, You Go Girl!”
– ~Ozzmak Music Marketing (Label)

“Jillian is a Name to Remember and Never to Forget, Unforgettable Tracks, Passion with Focus, Peace and World Love!”
– ~ Johnny Bonkers

“Now That’s a Voice!! You’ve got IT. #1 Best Female Voice on all of RN award to You.”
– ~ Barley Station

“Wow. By Listening to your rendition of LOVE HURTS, you just made me speechless… now I’m becoming an addict of your voice.You’re amazing!!”
– ~ Paperplay

“This lady sings the feathers off a bird … Not Ready to Make Nice is spectacular….. “
– ~ Doug Dickens

“She’s got it. Her voice is sweet and sexy at the same time. The quality brings to mind a Kim Carnes ish style, but stronger and more painful which is good. She’s got it. Now it’s up to God!”
– ~Joey Gentile